The Researchers List

This is a list of people who are researching families and individuals with connections to Dilton and Dilton Marsh.

Surname Researcher Dates Other information
ADLAM Pax Adlam 19th Century
ADLAM Maggie Blyth 19th Century
ADLAM Martha Mitchell
ADLAM Sharon Adlam
ADLAM Joe Twitchin c. 1811
ADLAM jan taylor 1700/1800s joseph adlam born 1824 Dilton Marsh
ADLAM jan taylor 1700/1800s joseph adlam born 1824 Dilton Marsh
ADLAM T.Mach 1774 - 1820's Dilton Marsh and Westbury
ADLAM Patricia Scotcher 1810 ONWARDS NATHANIEL ADLAM b 1810 12 children. Married Fanny(nee ?) Lived in Dilton Marsh. Hand loom weaver
ALLEN Eric Marshman 1740-1830
ALLEN Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
ALLEY Jane Brown 1700 - present day
ALLEY Kay Prosser
AMES David Blackbourn 17th - 19th Century
BAILEY Colin Hicks 1780 - 1850
BAILEY Austen Bird before 1817 Ancestors of Ruth Bailey born 1817
BAILEY Bruce Bailey 1500 to 1900 Have researched my family history with certainty from c. 1740 to c.1880. Would like to know more about some other memebers of the family lines. Other names are Dowding, Hearne, Sainsbury
BAILEY / BAYLEY Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
BAILY Eric Marshman 1700 - 1850
BENGER Ron Benger
BIGGS ALISON FOXLEY any ben biggs married caroline Hill 30/01/1841
BISS Liz Biss Unknown Looking for any info on the Biss family in Wiltshire
BLEWETT( Blewitt) C. Garrod 1866-1871 Edward Blewett was pastor of the chapel at Dilton Marsh between 1866-1871. Looking for any and all info, photos, etc. on him, his family, and the village of that era. His wife was Elizabeth Mary Barnes, and they had 2 children, Gertrude b. 1867, and Herbert.
BRAY Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
BULL Bill Ball 18-19C Connections with Titford House between Dilton and Westbury Leigh
BULLOCK Maggie Blyth 19th Century
BULLOCK Michael Morgan 19th Century
BUSHE Sarah Wright c 1490 -1576 John Bushe, brother of Paul Bushe, first Bishop of Bristol, held the manor of Dilton from the priory of Edington. He purchased it after the disolution of the monasteries, and his son John relinquished the property in 1576. Would like to know more, and to hear from others researching this Bushe/Bush family
CADBY Peter Madden
CARPENTER Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
CARPENTER David Carpenter 18th and 19th centuries Trying to link with Carpenters of Rodden
CARPENTER (John George) Bob Elliott 1700 -1800 Address, Occupation, Birthdate?
CHARD Kathy James pre 1900 Any - just started to trace my family tree
CHARD sylvia ingram 1750 - 1900
COCKLE Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
COCKLE Margaret Packer pre 1800 parents of James Cockle b.1809
COLLIER Rachel Andrew 18th and 19th Century
COLLIER Eric Marshman 1750 - 1800
COLLIER Christopher Collier 1700 to present Ancestors and descendants of Henry Collier born 1837
COLLIER Cedric Scott 1750-1850 ancestors of Charlotte Collier b:1825
COLLINS Betty Juranovich
CORNICK Elizabeth Cornick 1870 - 1920 Henry Cornick born Charlton, Somerset married Sarah born Southwick, Wiltshire. They moved to Penleigh Road, Dilton Marsh and had three sons Walter 1873, William 1875 and Herbert Clifford 1878. The 1881 census gives Henry's occupation as labourer iron works but by the 1901 census his occupation is given as labourer cowman and their son William's occupation is given as platelayer GWR. Herbert Clifford died on the Somme, France on 23 March 1918 at the age of 39. He was a private in the London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers).
COUSINER / CUSNER Eric Marshman 1750 - 1800
CRAY Charles Allingham pre 1837 William Cray village butcher mid 18C
CULVERHOUSE Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
CURTIS David Blackbourn 17th - 19th Century
CURTIS Robin Arvickson 1700's/1800's
CUZNER and var Martha Mitchell
DALY Kevin 1973-1978 We lived in Petticoat Lane next to the Old Reynolds and the gardener Tom Hill
DANIELLS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
DEACON Yvonne Mitchell 18th - mid 19th century
DEACON Yvonne Mitchell 1600 -1901
DEW Pat Hase 19th Century
DEW Connie Newton 17th - 19th Century
DEW Roy Stockdill 19th Century
DEW David Dew
DEW Sue Vernall 17th - 20th Century
DEW Jonathan Dew 18/19th century
DEW Maureen Thomas 17th & 19th Cen. George Dew immigrated with wife Jane Hillman and 5 children in1857.
DOEL Margaret
DOEL Lesley Maple 19th Century
DOUGHTY Rachel Andrew 19th Century
DUDDEN David Blackbourn 17th - 19th Century
EDWARDS Sue Ward Up to 1900 I would like information on Charles Edwards and his wives Amelia Grant and Louisa Hillman, and their Children ,William Agnes Harriet,Sydney, Alice, Jane Georgiana,Harry, Rose. The Minty, Viner Forward, Benger, Carperter, Thompson, Millard, Wheeler Hillman and Grant families. Baptist people from Stormore and around.
ELKINS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
ERNLE, EARNLY etc Richard Carruthers-Zurowski all instances in Dilton and surrounding parts of Westbury Leigh parish and as relating to the family at Purton and Cricklade and elsewhere in Wiltshire This family was supposedly founded by Thomas Ernle (bur. 1595 at Westbury Leigh) who is reported in Burke's Landed Gentry as the founder of the Bremeridge in Dilton line of the Ernle family. Among other children baptised at WL from 1578-1589 was a son Banister Ernle baptised 1587/8 as a son of Thomas Ernle, the son or grandson of Thomas bur. 1595. Later in Purton, my ancestor was Thomas Ernle, gent., of Purton, died 1694 will same who named his grandson Banister Ernle, as well as his son-in-law, Robert Major (Major alias Phillips), gent., of Purton as his executor. This man was married to Cisalia Ernle, gentlewoman, by licence at Malmesbury Abbey on 18 Aug. 1672. Their first child was my ancestress Cis (1672/3-1757), who married first a Mr Holliday and second to William Large, of Purton (1679-1747). These are my ancestors. The Ernle family of Bremeridge in Dilton was probably allied by marriage to that of Lambe of (East) Coulston, Wilts. as a Thomas Ernle married Praxeda Lambe, daughter of John Lambe of Coulston, gent., by his wife Cicely, daughter of Robert Brown of Walcot, Northants. They had issue at least one child Thomas Ernle. The Thomas Ernle of Purton, gent., mentions his daughter Practsey (variant of Praxeda) in his 1694 will (Archdeaconry of Wiltshire). Interesting the will of the founder of the Bremerigde line of the Ernle family, Thomas Ernle, appears to have been proved with him described as Thomas Ernelye of Brunbridge, Westbery, Cricklade, Wilts. 1595. Brunbridge, Westbery is likely to be identical with Bremeridge in Dilton in the parish of Westbury (Leigh), Wilts., while Cricklade lies next to Purton, Wilts., which makes a nice link between the two lines from the point of view of a narrower geographical focus. The onomastic similarities in the two families are also highly suggestive. I would welcome additional information.
EYERS / EYRES Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
FERRIS Robert Wilkinson 1750 - 1841 My direct ancestor John Ferris was born in the Westbury district (most probably Dilton Marsh) about 1791. He married Hesther Pearce of Corsley on 24 April 1812 at Dilton Marsh. They eventualy moved to Warminster and raised a family there. I would like to know more about John and in particular his parents and siblings.
FERRIS Marj Hawkins 1800-1900 Looking for links with Scotts family to Baileys and Witheys.Piety Scott 1836-1878 married John Ferris. Her parents were Samuel and Mary Scott. I think Mary's Scotts sisters could be Piety and Prudence Bailey. Any help would be much appreciated. Also help with Ferris family-John born 1822-Father William.
FRANCIS Bill Francis 19th Century
FRANCIS Norman Weston
FREEMAN Peter Norman
GARNETT Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
GARRETT Michael Morgan
GERRISH Margaret R. Moreland 19th and 20th C
GIBBS Rachel Andrew 18th Century
GIFFORD Perry Snow 1838 Searching for info re William Gifford b 1838 at Dilton Marsh. LDS records had him listed as born in Ditton's Marsh, Nottingham. This has thrown off my search for some time. He married Catherine Pearce b 1837 Norton St Philip SOM about 1862. They had my Grandmother Annie Gifford b 1878 in Battersea Surrey.
GODDARD Jan White Mainly 19th century Tinhead (or Tennis) Corner
GODWIN Peter Norman
GREARSON or Grierson Adam Henley C. 1800 - 1983 Researching Grearson family that lived in Dilton Marsh. Margaret Grearson (born 1897, died 1983, Married to Fred Hooper). Sister of Herbert Charles Grearson(died 1966, married to Emma Elizabeth Cook), Sidney Grearson(died 1981), Victor Grearson, Arthur Grearson and possibly more. Parents: John and Jane Grearson, Grandfather possibly called Sidney Grearson. Margaret and Fred lived at 2 St. Marys Lane and then possibly in High Street. John, Jane, Victor and Sidney lived at 2 Dilton Cottages and Sidney possibly later lived in High Street. Arthur lived in Petticoat Lane.
GREENLAND Sandra Grist 1750 - present
GRIST Sandra Grist 18th - 20th Century weavers
GRIST Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
GRIST carol all
GUNSTONE Len Gunstone
GUNSTONE Janet Fraser nee Gunstone pre 1900 I belive I am the last of the Dilton Gunstones having letf Dilton in 1954. looking for any information on my family pre 1900 or people that knew me.
HACKER Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
HAGUE Sandra Grist
HALES Rachel Andrew 1700 - 1750
HALL Roy Stockdill 19th Century
HARRIS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
HARVEY Colin Harvey 1840's A relative John Harvey from Somerset married Charlotte ? from Dilton Marsh in the 1840's . Their first child James was baptised in Camerton Somerset in October 1842. If someone could help me find Charlotte's maiden name and the date she married John Harvey, i would be most grateful, if anyone else researching same area I have a great deal of info.
HARVEY Colin Harvey 1840's A distant relative of mine John Harvey married Charlotte ? in Dilton Marsh about 1840. She was born in Dilton Marsh about 1823 and was buried in Camerton on the 5th of January 1886 aged 63. I would like to know the date of their marriage and Charlotte's date of birth, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
HEWETT David Hopkins 1700-1830
HEWETT Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
HILL Mortimer Hill 1600 - 1800
HILL Austen Bird before 1790 Ancestors of Samuel Hill born 1790
HILL Anthony Hill 1700-1850's George Thomas Hill 15 May 1850 residence Short Street Westbury, Given at the general Register Office Application number B345358, /registration district Westbury and Whorwellsdown birth in the sub district of Westbury in the county of Wilts. Father Benjamin Hill born around 1829 (we think) Wife Jane Millard Marriage index St. Catherine House September quarter 1849. I have details regarding Benjamin and Janes departure for Australia.
HILLMAN Ron Hillman 18th and 19th Century
HILLMAN Norman Weston
HILLMAN Maureen Thomas 18th & 19th cen. James Hillman. Daughter Jane Hillman (1828-1891) married widower George Dew in 1849 and immigated to South Australia in 1857
HILLMAN Enid Jones 1750-1850 looking for info on Jacob and isaac hillman
HILLMAN and SAY Enid Jones 1830--1880 Looking for a Ellen.
HOBBS David Blackbourn 17th - 19th Century
HOLLOWAY Eric Marshman 1750 - 1900
HOOPER Michael Morgan 19th Century
HOPKINS David Hopkins 1700-1900
HOPKINS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
HUETT or HEWETT Larry Hewitt 1730 to 1800
HUMPHRY Mortimer Hill 1700 - 1800
HUNT Rachel Andrew 1800 - 1860 Ag labs
HUNT Mike Flower 1800 to 1905 Particularly would like to trace back from Ishmael Hunt (1845-1914 - cloth worker) and his wife, probably Eliza Millard (1847-1916)
HUNTLEY Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
INGRAM Margaret Guider
INGRAM Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
INGRAM Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
INGRAM Mike Sumbler 0 to now descendant of Albert Ingram, weaver of Dilton Marsh
INGRAM, BAILEY, WEBB Dick Jones 1750 to 1930 My ancestors seem to have all been weavers. My association with the area ends with Edith Jessie Chamberlain nee Ingram who commited suicide in front of a train in Somerset in 1928. I am particularly interested in the early part of the 18 century.
JACKSON Rachel Andrew 1730 -1850 Farmers
Jarvis Ron 1700/1800 There appears to be 7 instances of Jarvis's baptised in Dilton and 9 burials, unfortunately I have been unable to discover any marriages.
JARVIS Ron Jarvis 1700/1800s
JEANS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
JOHNSON Ann Johnson 1887 - Baptist Minister, Penknap
JONES Rachel Andrew 1800 - 1960's Lathe Renderers
JONES Pat Hase 19th Century
JONES Roy Stockdill 19th Century
JONES Jeanne Bayliss 19th Century
JONES Norma 1800 - 1850
JONES enid 1790---1825 Samuel Hillman married to Charlotte Say
JONES enid 1790---1825 Samuels Hillman first wife
JONES enid 1750-1810 any info on samuel Hillman was married to a mary? then to charlotte Say
JONES Mary 1813 circa Samuel Jones who married Maria? shown on 1851 census as being from Dilton Marsh. Does anyone have him?
JOYCE Peter Norman
LANFEAR Timothy Lanfear
LIDBURY Dave Carter 1750-1880 Connected to my INGRAM tree, would like to verify my findings.
LOXLEY Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
LOXLEY Julie Shepherd All! I'm just starting out trying to trace my family, I've traced the Loxleys back to 1823, but seem to be stuck. Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated!
MARSHMAN Eric Marshman 1750 - 1900
MARSHMAN Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
MARSHMAN Ian Jasper 1750 - 1900
MATTOCK Jenny Cornelder 17th - 19th centuries
MAUNDRELL Peter Norman
MILLARD Sandra Grist 18th - 20th Century Weavers, baker, grocer
MILLARD Lesley Maple 19th Century
MILLARD Eric Marshman 1740 - 1800
MILLARD Sue Vernall 17th - 20th Century
MILLARD Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
MILLARD Jenny Cornelder 17th to 19th centuries
MILLARD Jim Thurston 1800-1900 Particularly interested in my ancesters: Richard (born 1820) and his wife Charlotte (born 1821, maiden name?) and their children
MILLARD Mike Flower 1800-1920 Particularly would like to trace back from Ishmael Hunt (1845-1914 - cloth worker) and his wife, probably Eliza Millard (1847-1916)
MILLARD Ken Millard 17th-19thC Gaius Millard and ancestors
MILLS Margaret Guider
MILLS Eric Marshman 1800 - 1860
MILLS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
MILLS Janice Walker (nee Mills) 1820-1848 Ebenezer mills (b1821) or Ann Humphries (b1825)
MINTY Jane Brown 1750 - 1875
NOBLE Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
OXLEY Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
PAPPS Eric Marshman 1730 - 1780
PARSONS David Blackbourn
PARSONS Betsy Parsons Wood
PARSONS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
PARSONS Robin Arvickson 1700's/1800's
PEARCE Peter Norman
PEARCE Sue Vernall 17th - 20th Century
PHIBBEN Pat and Derek Clark 19th Century 1891 lived in Petticote Lane, Dilton Marsh
PHILLIPS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
PRINCE Lin Ashford
PRINCE Janice Fitton 1851 to 1871 John and Charlotte and family
RIMER Graham Bennett 18th - 20th Century
ROBERTS Lynn Holmes 1920 - 1940
ROBINS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
ROBINS, ROBBINS Paul D Cole 1790-1861
SANGER john biggs 1900 worked in leather i think for charles case and son my grand dad was john william sanger born in dilton marsh 18 may 1900
SCOTT David Scott 1700 - 1800
SCOTT Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
SCOTT Cedric Scott 1750-1850 Eli Scott and his ancestors
SCOTT Marj Hawkins 1800-1900 Looking for links with Scotts family to Baileys and Witheys.Piety Scott 1836-1878 married John Ferris. Her parents were Samuel and Mary Scott. I think Mary's Scotts sisters could be Piety and Prudence Bailey. Any help would be much appreciated. Also help with Ferris family-John born 1822-Father William.
SHEPHERD Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
SLADE Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
SMITH Ron Hillman 18th and 19th Centuries
SMITH Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
STILLMAN William Stillman 1000-2000
STURGES Peter Norman
TOOP Colin Hicks 1700 - 1900
TOOP Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
TOOP Kathy James pre 1900 Any - just started to trace my family tree
TOOP Andrea Frost 1800-1900
TOOP walter toop born 1845 a shoe rivetter died 1927 Finedon
TOOP jacky fry 1813 weaver in westbury married ann eyers died 1884
TOOP Beryl Wilkins 1750--1850
TOOP Bill Francis 1799 Wondering if anyone has any information about Lydia Toop born March 29 1799 she was my GGGrandmother
TOWNSEND Maggie Blyth 19th Century
TURNER Peter Norman
VINCENT Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
WATTS Bill Francis Aug 11 1842 Susan b. Aug. 11 1842 daughter of William Watts and Lydia (formerly Toop) Susan married John Francis (my GGrandfather) the family came to Canada in 1883.
WEBB David Blackbourn 17th - 19th Century
WEBB Ron Webb 19th Century
WEBB Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
WELLS Neal Wells
WHATLEY Robert Groom 1800s John Whatley married Sarah Collier 1828
WHEELER A J Browne 1800-1825
WHEELER Val Burge 1760-1890 Family of WIlliam and Martha Wheeler of Short Street, Dilton Marsh
WILKINS David Blackbourn 17th - 19th Century
WITHERS Dave Carter 1750 - 1880
WITHERS David Hopkins 1700-1830
WITHY / WITHEY Dave Carter 1750 - 1880


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